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These brushes are so pretty in different translucent jewel colors and comfortable to use. I haven’t seen these old fashioned toothbrushes in a long long time. I love the unique colors and soft bristles. Surprisingly, these are made in the USA. These classic toothbrushes are efficient, comfortable, and do a great job without hurting my […]

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At Behind the White Coat, a physician publishes personal musings and stories. “I started working on this blog as an outlet, a place for the honesty that I cannot indulge in elsewhere. Sometimes I have felt that I will explode with words . . . all of the words that I have had to leave unsaid.”

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Loving Myself

Loving myself

I write no descriptive emotions of others but my own, not because I don’t care but because everyone has the same way of fighting their pain through tears or laughter.
Individual complains for something has not yet been seen and argued, the thing that is being there in itself. Different individual cope with it differently.
For some reason, sometimes is hard to understand when brain empowers the heart of an individual who is expecting to see only scars or bracing themselves for the worst. It’s defense mechanism
Tears become part of a process, of being strong and most of the time become part of being wrong, but the most part of being alone when something goes wrong.
I love myself before I love the one who wants to love myself and that is why until now I cried at night for being left behind because of loving myself after the pain exists.


couple in bed

Sex in relationships before marriage succeeds in making the lady to love the man more and making the man to love the BODY of the woman more. When you engage in Premarital sex you end up loosing out. It may appear that the guy is loving you more but the truth is that he is loving your BODY not you. Premarital sex kills love and redirects focus. Tell that guy NO MORE SEX’ and watch if his attitude towards you will change. He may even think that he is loving you more but in actual sense that love has been adulterated with sex. Any relationship that is SEX-FOCUSED is dead already. The truth is always bitter.