I can’t tell how extremely sad I am. My maid woke me up today, telling me that my 3 baby kitties have died.

I was extremely shocked hoping at least one was still alive. So I went to the box to see them, where I saw the mom inside as always, having one paw on her kitties, hugging them.

They kitties lay motionless as though as they were sleeping, when I saw blood on their necks. I immediately burst into tears and I still am. I touched their bodies, and they were still warm.

My maid told me that she gonna feed the momma cat this morning, when she found out, and actually saw the father cat running away from the box. I now remember who’s the father, which I rarely see around the house, he was exactly like these kitties, orange with a white patch on its face.

I managed to get a glimpse of the cat from far, and he was looking at me with a guilty face, I just wanted to strangle him.

Going back to the mom, she was in the box caring for her babies, licking them, not knowing her babies are gone.

Yesterday, I just told my 4 year old niece in London about the kittens, and she was so excited about them as I was. I couldn’t wait for her to come back and see her expression when she sees the kitties.

I’m just so so sad. I want those kittens back. And they already opened their eyes, which were blue, and they licked and sucked on my finger.

This is just so painful for me. And I’ve yet to name them. =[